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The Weekend 7010 is supplied prepared for connection to DC, battery power and with an AC adaptor in the same manner as the Villa DC. The Weekend is designed for where  space is limited. This is a variation of the 7000 previous model with a seat the similar to the Villa series. The Weekend uses the same type of urine diversion as the Villa models, but has no moving parts excepting the fan for ventilation. It also does not have the extension clip in the urine trap, and sits taller - which can create some challenge for women to consistently hit the urine trap. We make this comment so buyers are aware that where in the Villa models the urine separation is very easy for women to use - the Weekend will take more concentration for successful use. The top of the unit removes for access to empty the solid waste container - as opposed to the hinged lid on the Villa.

NOTE: The Weekend is generally used in small buildings with direct venting. We do not recommend that venting be longer that 12 ft. If not venting directly through the wall - for which parts are supplied, please purchase the 75mm to 3 inch vent adaptor on the Supplies and Accessories section of the site. If draining beyond the 5 ft of the supplied drain hose, please add the Union Fitting to transition to 1.25 inch pvc also found in the Supplies and Accessories section.

The unit shipping weight is 28 lbs. ( shipping is included in our pricing)
Urine separation allows the emptying frequency to be reduced to a fifth and the characteristic hydrogen sulphide smell (the toilet smell) to be eliminated. The fan creates low pressure that quickly dries out feces and removes any bad odors. This also ensures that the toilet is supplied with fresh air. The Weekendeis a simpler technology than our Villa units. Recommended for installations that are for shorter stays and and lower use.

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