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Sleek, compact Separett Villa

Separett Villa Urine Diverting, Waterless Toilet

The Separett Villa  waterless toilet, is a urine diverting design which redefines the approach
required for remote cottage, tiny home, boat, RV and residential sanitation requirements, providing a system equal
to a modern water based toilet in every way.

As proponents of waterless toilets systems, we realize that acceptance of alternatives are often
base on a system being as close in appearance and use as the traditional solution. This is where
the Villa 9200 and Villa 9210 toilets stand far above the competition. At 48 lbs it is easy to transport to
your remote location, it installs on any floor system, requiring no drilling or access below,
and is easily vented for use.
With both AC and AC/DC versions, this waterless toilet system can be used on or off the grid. The Villa 9200 is designed for use on grid, with full time / non inverted power. If you are off grid - or are using a power inverter to convert solar to AC power, we recommend using the Villa 9210. The 9210 ships with plugs for use with either DC/battery power - or with standard AC power.

We have made a recent change in the number of solid waste containers that are included with the Villa 9200 series. In the past there were three containers included. We have reduced that to two containers as we have found from the response of customers that the third bucket was not being used.

Unlike systems where the final composting takes place within the unit, the Villa offers the user the assurance that the unit cannot be undersized, in the event of increased use. It also assures, that when the unit is not in use, it can be completely cleared of decomposting matter. As a company, we feel that the aspect of the actual composting is best removed from the interior of the home, to an outdoor composter. We also believe that brands of toilets that compost the solid waste within a relatively small container cannot assure that drainage from, or actual recently deposited waste is not mixed with supposed composted solid waste being removed from the composting area.We prefer and advise use of a three section composting system, sequestering materials to assure the proper time frame for the contained pathogens to become benign.